• post lasik surgery ease in activities
    Imagine Life Without

  • post lasik surgery ease in activities

Welcome To Accura Laser Center

Accura Laser Center was established to provide absolute state-of-the-art care in the field of laser vision correction surgery. We realize that you only have one set of eyes, and they deserve the best. From the moment you walk in the door, it will be apparent to you that we take this responsibility seriously. With the very finest technology available, and a caring and professional staff, we are dedicated to surgical excellence.Schedule a screening at Accura Laser Center and see for yourself why we believe we offer the finest care available anywhere.

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Types of Lasik

customized wavefront lasik surgery mulund mumbai

Customized Wavefront Lasik

Accura Laser Center offers Customized Lasik. It is referring to Wavefront Technology...

aspheric lasik surgery mulund mumbai

Advanced Aspheric Lasik

Accura Laser Center offers Center Aspheric LASIK, a highest advancement in Lasik Technology.

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thin flap sbk lasik laser surgery mulund mumbai

SBK Thin Flap Lasik

Accura Laser Center offers SBK Lasik which is a thin-flap Laser Technology saves approx..

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The innovative SmartSurfACE eye lasering procedure is impressive and touch-free.It combines the advantages

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Imagine Life Without Glasses Or Contact Lenses

  •     Enhance Your Personality

  •     Remove hesitation and fear from sporting and adventure activities

  •     More cost effective than glasses in the long run

  •    Safety More than 35 million people Worlwide are enjoying the benefits of this life transforming procedure

  •    Expand your job horizon

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The very Best and Latest in Lasik Technology now At ACCURA LASER CENTER

The Fastext Excimer laser in business from the leaders in Lasik Technology, AMARIS from SCHWIND,
Germany Reshaping your cornea at an amazing speed of 500 times per second

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